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CAPE PRIDE - April 1, 2015


Good morning Cape Coral Employees, Physicians, Volunteers & Auxilians…

What’s going on around the system?
At times, we are asked to provide general leadership and board updates or questions asking how the newspapers or our neighbors know system information before us.  As a public entity, the Board agenda and packet is always posted in advance of the Board meeting. In addition, our system leadership meets quarterly.  In addition to sharing and discussing at your staff meetings and/or communications boards, I have included links below so you could review on a real time basis.

The Board info link:

The Quarterly Leadership link: (for our Intranet only)

Please let me know if there is other information you would like to see.

OHE – Healing Relationships
• Wonderful Care: After spending nine days in Cape Coral Hospital, five days in ICU, I want to give all employees, surgeons, nurses and aides on the second floor, thanks for such wonderful care.  Nurses really do give TLC.  News-press 3/19/15.  Thank you Jon from North Fort Myers.

• I would like to send this message out to the nurses who helped deliver my son on 7/11/2014. My name is Monika, and I would like to send out my sincerest and deepest thank you to the wonderful and kind nurses who helped me achieve my natural medication free birth!! I have never felt so much love and comfort coming from women that I had barely even known. The nurse that held my hand the entire time and the nurses who rubbed my back and kept encouraging me and cheering me on! I cannot even express how thankful I am and I just want to let you all know that you are in my thoughts every day when I look at my beautiful healthy son. Having a natural medication free birth was so empowering and special to me and I don't think I could have done it without the nurses. I am hoping to find out their names because I would like to send them a special gift. As a 21 year old pregnant woman, I had gotten many discouraging and negative comments about having a medication free birth. I had even gotten a few smirks and laughs here and there. The moment I entered the hospital and the moment I told the nurses I would like a natural birth process I felt full support and understanding. I felt so much love and genuine care about the safety of myself and my son. I just want you all to know that the work you do every day is really appreciated and you help make the world a better place. I thank God for you all daily!

• National Doctor’s Day – March 30, 2015 – Thank you to all of our medical staff for your professional commitment and continued compassion for those we serve.

OHE – Practicing Healthy Lifestyles: Our New Patient Menu
Our original goal was to create a meal program that provides the patient with age appropriate meal selections that were both flavorful and met their therapeutic requirements.  We purposely designed the menu to lead patients to make wholesome choices with a focus on plant based nutrition through an artistic design, and layout that focused on farm fresh, plant based selections.  The menu design focuses on the Flavor Harvest look depicting brightly colored fruits and vegetables.  Many thoughtful hours went into finding mixes of products that allowed patients to select options that met their personal needs, while providing them with flavorful choices.   While many patients may allow us to choose a meal for them, any patient can also pick from a wide array of products anytime from 7 am to 7 pm, build a meal in any manner they like as long as they were compliant with the diet their physician selected for them and have them delivered to them on demand.  Thank you Larry, Diane and our Food & Nutrition Leadership Team.

I want to hear from you…
Let us know what feedback you are hearing about our new patient menu and food selection.


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