How It All StartedHealthcare moves beyond the hallways of the hospital.  The Healthcare Experience starts with our own health and wellness - taking care of ourselves.  It involves our communities, our healthcare providers, hospitals, outpatient settings, post acute care, fitness centers, vendors and suppliers.  It is the coordination of care throughout the healthcare continuum.  You feel the compassion, trust and engagement at every level in the organization.  It is when you have the trust to get the care you need and can count on getting the outcomes and experience we all expect and deserve.  It is the safest place to be when you need care - so many factors contribute to the healthcare experience.

Healthcare providers are key to the healthcare experiences and ensuring quality outcomes and safe care.  They provide compassion and ensure our healthcare system is managed effectively to ensure long term sustainability.  Healthcare providers support the coordination of care and flow through the healthcare system. Providers share their knowledge, experiences and compassion with those they serve.  They are your doctors, nurses, hospital support staff and volunteers.  They all play a role and contribute to the patient experience.  They represent the mission of the organization, instill trust and confidence through their work and show you the reasons they are proud to be part of your healthcare experience.